Team Krusty


I (Alex Mausolf) have an alter-ego called Krusty Geeza who loves the decrepit, the forgotten, the different & the unappreciated. He chooses to travel far & wide, well not really that far & wide, as he doesn’t agree with polluting the planet (too much) for selfish reasons! Krusty loves to climb into, over & through things that are decaying, falling apart, breaking down or on the verge of being demolished in the name of progress.

The Story

Living in a world of rapid change that has a voracious & insatiable appetite for new, shiny things, the type of change happening currently has never been seen before in the history of humankind & to me that is a bit scary. Things, places, even people are tossed asunder in the name of fashion, favour & popularity.

Lots of places & things in South Australia are being ripped out, knocked down, or built over in the name of progress, just because it can be done & not really for any betterment, but probably, & most sadly, just to turn a quick buck.

The Ethos

  1. Do no damage
  2. Do not take anything
  3. Document
  4. Admire
  5. Share freely



Meet the Team

  • There’s a team?
  • It’s a special thing actually…

Krusty Geeza

Explorer & Documentary Photographer

A geeza with a camera, a bag full of lenses, a 4K video device & an interest & passion for uncovering & sharing the long forgotten aspects of South Australia.

Krusty is in his normal reality a long exposure photographer, a social innovator, a Mindful Photography facilitator & an active & vocal mental health advocate for those that can’t speak up for themselves, or those that don’t realise there are better ways of being treated that respect the individual on their journey to recovery.


Guardian of Peace

Krusty (also known as Alex) lives with complex mental health challenges in his life & as a part of that he is training his Mastiff x Ridge-back pup to become his assistance animal. Don’t be surprised to see her pop up in the odd image or video shared here at Decrepitude Online.

Fenna has her own online presence that you can visit at