Krusty Geeza Vs the Cat Factory (mashup)

An audio, video & photographic mashing of Krusty (& a few friends that make guest appearances) taking a look at the long abandoned “Cat Factory” in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

It’s known as this because ages ago it used to be the place that Caterpillar equipment was repaired & maintained. Originally, it was an engineering company, then a foundry & more recently it was the site of Bianco’s pre-cast concrete & drainage piece assembly before it became the Caterpillar maintenance facility.

I think I had too much fun putting this first one together, the video & photography mashing was cool to play with & explore, but it was the audio side of things that I went to town with. Just a smidge over 12.5 self-indulgent minutes of playing with digital cut-ups & blends all based around House of Pain’s classic track “Jump Around” resulted in me rekindling my joys of DJing from back in the mid 90’s. I guess that some things you never lose the knack for…

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