Rock On

Somewhere far North of Adelaide, South Australia is a place which is shrouded in mystery. There are numerous granite boulders that have been drilled & split in readiness for use, but, there is an air of intrigue about them, as some reported carbon dating performed on them back in the early 90’s apparently placed them as being much, much older than when white people became present here in Australia! The indigenous culture here never worked with stone in this fashion, so they are quite the oddity.
The drilling holes are rough & irregular, indicating they may have been created with manual tools, not powered tools. Who did this & why? They are in a remote area far from sea, so they were not created as ballast, as some people have been quick to suggest. They are also quite far from any settlements & at a stupidly high elevation ( for where they are located) so moving them would have been a nightmare.

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